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    Rosemary Beale

    Hi Emma,

    I’m not sure how many people are going to have vehicles at the hut. Think parking is limited to about 8 cars. Happy to pay the £40 but shall I wait to see if there’s space for my van first because I can always go to the campsite down the road ?


    John Halfacre

    Hi Emma, I think I’m too late to the party based on the WhatsApp, but I’d like to go on the reserve list for the outside camper crew if that’s possible.


    Rose Mather

    Hi all

    Please can I ask if anyone is driving down would have space for me (and brownies!) ?
    Will of course pay petrol / very happy to go on insurance to share the drive.

    I did that with Tracey for the scotland trip and worked well.

    Thanks very much


    Dave M

    I’ll be driving down and expect to leave at about 9 in the morning. I can take 2 passengers or possibly 3 at a push. If anyone’s happy to go early please let me know. I can return at any time on Sunday, no deadline.

    Jenny Gibbons


    I will be leaving early Friday too, so Dave maybe I can join you, if you mean Friday morning?

    But I could drive if another car is needed leaving Friday morning, with up to two passengers. If so, happy to offer a lift Rose.


Viewing 5 posts - 6 through 10 (of 18 total)
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