Events Calendar

In addition to our local evening climbing meetings - Tuesdays at Red Goat, and Thursdays (arranged week by week) outdoors at Yorkshire crags or Harrogate Wall in winter or if raining, - other trips and events with confirmed dates are shown on the calendar below. Contact Nick Outram (via Members List) to add any trip.

The Calendar entry includes a link to the Forum post where you can see full details of the trip and any updates. If you are interested in coming on any trips, contact the organiser, or (Please note that where there is a cost to book, you will not have a confirmed place on a trip until you have paid for it, and the club cannot give refunds unless the trip is full and your place can be sold to another member.)

There are also activities for which the exact dates have yet to be confirmed.


We organise a first aid course every year over a weekend in the Winter months.

Add the Events and Evening Climbing calendars to your own Google calendar by clicking on the + Google Calendar link at the bottom right of each calendar. You can add them to other calendars (e.g. iPhone) by subscribing to the following links:

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