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    There is a possibility, this autumn, to once again run a Rescue Emergency Care Level 2 First Aid Course, (as we’ve normally done since 2008). This is the level of first aid which is required for Summer or Winter ML, RCI, etc. .

    Sooner or later, if you spend time in the mountains, you may need to manage a casualty or apply some first aid. (as has happened from time to time). If you are several hours from help it makes sense for every mountain-goer to know the basics. REC Level 2 is a 2-day course and it obviously covers all the stuff eg wounds, breakages, heart attacks, hypothermia etc etc. There is no examination, but upon completion of the course you get a Certificate valid for 3 years. The course is normally run at Heslington over a suitable weekend.

    Our usual course provider has recently resumed giving instruction subject to some extra precautions. Candidates pair up for the duration. (ie not swapping partners for different exercises). There is no use of mouth-to-mouth dummies at all. We will work spread out in the venue, probably with 8 candidates instead of 12. We can each bring a packed lunch instead of the usual buffet.
    I think the implicit assumption – given that pairs will be putting each other in the recovery position etc – is that everyone coming on the course will be double vaccinated against Covid.

    To run a 2-day course at Heslington (without buffet) for 8 people is likely to cost £107 per head. This is a low price and made even more attractive by avoiding the costs of travelLling away and spending overnight somewhere.

    Initially, I’m just looking for expressions of interest. Once we have sufficient interest, I usually run a poll to find a weekend in autumn suitable for us all, take money, and confirm the venue and the instructor.

    Any questions please ring me or email (on Members’ List)

    Tom Bennett

    Hi Andrew,
    I’m interested. I try and refresh mine every year as an ML, to keep things fresh in my mind!

    Adam Hartley

    Hi Andrew. Yes I would definitely be interested. Need to renew mine so great timing. Keep me posted, Adam

    Rosemary Beale

    I’m also interested.
    I need to renew my First Aid for the British Association of Snowsport Instructors so this might be a good way of achieving that.

    Ben Pritchard

    Hey, is the course suitable for people with no past experience? I did a brief 2 night one in 2018, but nothing since then. I would be interested if it would be suitable for me!

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