Scotland – Aonach Eagach & Tarmachan Ridge

Dolly, Andrew, Brian and I set off for Scotland to do two days of ridge scrambling/walking. The weather forecast was cloudy but turned out better than expected.

Day 1:

Brian went solo - up and around Gearr Aonach from a quick glance at the map (experienced orienteer).

The rest of us went up Aonach Eagach. Not perfect conditions because of the cloud coverage but apart from affecting the views the weather was pleasant and the scramble was a fun experience. The sun did come out on our descent! More details of the route (BMC) and route card of the extended version (UKH). [5 hrs of moving time, 12km, 1300m]

From Old Glencoe Road we hitchhiked back to the car (thanks to a kind bloke from Dublin), then drove to the pub where we met up with Brian (and also bumped into our new friend from Dublin). It just so happened that another feller we bumped into at the end of the ridge gave Brian a lift to the pub. Very lucky with logistics post walk.

Day 2:

The following day was a more gentle ridge - Tarmachan (UKH). The four of us set off together and completed most of it as a group. The scrambling on this ridge was confined to one area "the bad step", which is rated at grade 1 and was over in a flash (there is a path around this). Nothing compared to yesterday's continuous grade 2. [4 hrs of moving time, 14km, 700m]
Photos from Aonach Eagach below:

small_DSC00229 small_DSC00228 small_DSC00225 small_DSC00223 small_DSC00222 small_DSC00220 small_DSC00219 small_DSC00217 small_DSC00216 small_DSC00210 small_DSC00208 small_DSC00205 small_DSC00204 small_DSC00203 small_DSC00198 small_DSC00195 small_DSC00192 small_DSC00188 small_DSC00257 small_DSC00255 small_DSC00254 small_DSC00253 small_DSC00252 small_DSC00250 small_DSC00249 small_DSC00245 small_DSC00239 small_DSC00238 small_DSC00234 small_DSC00233

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