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    Saturday Night Da Da Da Dam Di Di Di Da Da Da Da Dam
    Those who can remember page 1 of the thread will recollect I said I’ll sort communal vegetarian food on Saturday night. Here’s the plan:
    I’ll bring three or four curry spice packs from Rafis cause they do some really interesting flavours, cooking them is dead easy and they turn down the heat according to taste, so we can have vindaloo without the consequences.
    We’ll get a load of veg from the supermarket on the way over, a few kilos of rice and some naans.

    If you have a cheap and easy dessert or starter that you’d happily prepare for 16, please post here. There’ll be plenty of kitchen elves to help you. Otherwise we’ll do cake and custard.

    If you have any allergies or food hatreds, please post them here or message me. We’ll work around anything. If you’re allergic to vegetarianism then bring your own chateaubriand or whatever. No judgement. Veggie is just cheaper, easier to transport and harder to poison people with, that’s all.

    Bring your own breakfast, booze and hill snacks.

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    I’ve shuffled a few things around a bit after the updates you’ve put on here and what we discussed in the pub.

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    Multi-pitching. The riot act.
    Lots of you have said you want to come multi-pitch climbing which is great. Let’s hope the weather holds.
    I’d strongly recommend you get out on an evening with other club members beforehand just to remind yourself how to do it, find people with equal aspirations and remember how incredibly long it takes.
    Even easy classics can be long, complex, weird and surprisingly intimidating. Don’t try to memorise the topo. Descents are rarely straightforward so check that out too. Start early and take your headtorch.
    Be honest about your abilities and pick routes you’d be happy to lead all the pitches of because it might come down to that. Look after your climbing partner.
    Take a helmet, there will be other groups around you. A midge net is also worth having. Hopefully we’ll be a bit early for them.

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    We’ll be staying in a climbing hut. It’s actually quite nice- a bit like a youth hostel but with less drunk Portuguese teenagers running around. Bring a lightweight sleeping bag, earplugs, headtorch and spare footwear or slippers so you’re not trogging round in your walking boots.
    There’s abundant hot water. Cold water comes off the hill through a UV filter which only kills 99.9% of known life-forms, so if you’re immunocompromised you might want to boil it.
    You’ll be sharing rooms with each other and possibly with strangers if it’s busy. Ladies have the option of a ladies’ room. It’s not mandated.
    Mobile phone signal is dire but there’s a landline for emergencies.
    The door has a code lock and I’ll share details nearer the time.
    We’re expected to look after the place. That means paying for breakages, tidying up after ourselves, taking home recyclables, emptying the bins and giving it a clean at the end of the stay.

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    Here's how it should have looked

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