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    Dear All,
    It is deeply unfortunate that our lovely plans for tonight come at a time of increasing concern over Covid-19 virus. The Committee asks each of us to consider the position in the light of our circumstances.
    There is a Government COBRA meeting as I type, expected to move upwards with precautions. . But although I watched TV intently, I could discern no clear advice. COBRA are likely to go “soft” on the basis that the public will get lax with precautions over time, so better to introduce restrictions later. Other countries (eg Northern Ireland ) are going “hard” to try to “get ahead”.
    Nobody really knows.

    What is clear in principle, is that the less contact one has, the less the chance of catching anything. John’s medical practice is taking a very cautios line and takes the view that unnecessary gatherings should be avoided. The point of course, is not the risk to oneself, but the risk to others and overloading the NHS if you pass it on.

    Some of us are therefore thinking that with the utmost reluctance, it might just be the braver thing to pass up tonight’s gathering. It is relevant to think whether you know or meet anyone else who could be vulnerable, if you pick up the virus and pass it on to them. From the very little I know, I suppose anyone attending should take plenty of tissues and wash hands frequently

    Nathan Richmond

    Hi All,

    With Andrews email in mind and you decide not to come then please can you let me know so I can cancel your food order!



    Great food, excellent company, brilliant organisation.
    Thanks Nathan,


    Thanks very much for organising this Nathan – it was brilliantly done and must have been very difficult.
    Very convivial meal with a good turn out.

Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)
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