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    At last nights Committee meeting it was agreed that the Club should plan and launch an overseas mountain based “expedition” in 2021 to a suitably “exotic” or unusual region.
    • AIM. Mountaineer, climb, explore, engage in mountain based activities in a region that Club Members might or could not do without being a part of an organised expedition.
    o As inclusive as possible.
    o Skills and personal development.
    o Expedition experience development.
    o Growth of knowledge about a less well known region.
    o Club profile.
    o Development of our sport.

    • DETAILED OBJECTIVES. Can be worked up when the region to be visited is decided but could include:
    o Exploring a lesser known region.
    o Guidebook development/checking.
    o New routes or first ascents.
    o Repeat ascents or climbs (or walking exploration) where they have not been well travelled, frequented or documented.
    o Linking with in-country clubs or enthusiasts.

    • PARAMETERS. Some simple parameters will help in area selection.
    o Achievable. We don’t need to over-reach to still remain adventurous.
    o Affordable. There is no need to match Everest-like costs.
    o Inclusive. Within competencies and accepting that members are responsible for themselves there is no reason why age, sex, preference for activity (obviously it must be mountain/climbing based) should be excluded. Some may be able to come and assist with the import support tasks.
    o COMMITMENT. There cannot be any passive members in an expedition team from planning through to realisation.
    o Time. We have to be realistic. Most people have jobs and a family. The actual expedition may only be 2 to 3 weeks in duration including travel.

    • TIMELINE. From experience 2+ years is just sufficient to prepare an expedition, subject to the venue and detailed objectives. Issues to be addressed include:

    o Visas and legals eg permits.
    o Training.
    o Maps and route information.
    o General regional intelligence gathering.
    o In country support eg guides and administration.
    o Equipment prep.
    o Funding.

    • at first this can seem daunting but in reality we will be following in others footsteps. Regions that spring to mind include:
    o Central Asia – One of the “stans”
    o North Africa – Morocco
    o North America – Canada
    o Iran
    • A great start will be to research the BMC trip and expedition report database plus other sources such as the Alpine Club and UK Climbing.

    If you are interested in being a part of this exciting project then let myself or any of the committee members know.



    After a chat last night at the wall I have Dave C, Andrew M and Mat D interested and options opened up to include Turkey

    Gary Thorne

    Very interested and would like to support the project team.


    That’s great news Gary I’ll start looking at dates etc for those interested to get together for an initial discussion soon

    Matthew D

    @ John
    You do know that Dave will only attend a meeting if he is conned into thinking it is some of gathering involving actual climbing / mountaineering or beer….

    … just saying

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 15 total)
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