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    David Cumming

    I like that plan Giles, please count me in. I’m travelling Friday after work.


    I’ve shuffled a few things around a bit after the updates you’ve put on here and what we discussed in the pub.


    Hi Oli Thanks for the detailed update. Guy and I will link up and travel together for some of the journey – although he will have to park his van somewhere en route that I can drop him on return as I head home to Scotland after the weekend. We hope to leave early Friday subject to respective work schedule. Aims multi-pitch but its been a while so will ease on on suitable routes subject to the weather. Happy to muck in and help out with others new to the area or less well versed on pitched climbs. Do we have plans food wise Saturday night ?

    Nathan Richmond

    Hi Oli,
    I’m happy to do anything during the weekend, multi pitch sounds good. I will get in touch with jenny about car sharing. Thanks for organising!

    Cheers Nath


    Saturday Night Da Da Da Dam Di Di Di Da Da Da Da Dam
    Those who can remember page 1 of the thread will recollect I said I’ll sort communal vegetarian food on Saturday night. Here’s the plan:
    I’ll bring three or four curry spice packs from Rafis cause they do some really interesting flavours, cooking them is dead easy and they turn down the heat according to taste, so we can have vindaloo without the consequences.
    We’ll get a load of veg from the supermarket on the way over, a few kilos of rice and some naans.

    If you have a cheap and easy dessert or starter that you’d happily prepare for 16, please post here. There’ll be plenty of kitchen elves to help you. Otherwise we’ll do cake and custard.

    If you have any allergies or food hatreds, please post them here or message me. We’ll work around anything. If you’re allergic to vegetarianism then bring your own chateaubriand or whatever. No judgement. Veggie is just cheaper, easier to transport and harder to poison people with, that’s all.

    Bring your own breakfast, booze and hill snacks.

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)
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