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    Dave M

    I’m aware that several club members and potential new members have difficulty in making weekday climbing meetings so to open up the appeal of the club I hope to establish a regular monthly Sunday morning climbing meet. This can take place on the first Sunday of every month and initially be aimed at local crags although, being a weekend the options for travel may be better than for weekday, evening activities.

    The Sunday meeting will not be exclusive to climbers. Walkers, cyclists, runners and any other activity type are all included. The idea is to give all members the opportunity to meet each other and identify partners for climbing or otherwise and be able to continue at any time in between club meetings. The daytime outdoor season will be longer than for evening climbing and there are more options for indoor climbing should the weather be unfit.

    The first Sunday of July is next weekend, the 3rd. Ilkley is the planned, weather dependent venue since the climbing is easily accessible and there are loads of tracks for walking or running. The proposed start time is at the Cow and Calf car park at 10am. There are plenty of options for post-climbing refreshment but will make arrangements on the day.

    If you are interested in coming along please post here as well as WhatsApp so potential members can see what we’re up to. Also, if you can’t attend the first one, please reply here or directly to me with your thoughts on the idea and whether or not you support the plan.

    Thanks all,

    Dave M

    Brian Young

    I think that’s a great idea Dave. As someone who lives a little further out I’d be very interested in this, although I can’t make the first Sunday of July or August!!

    But I’ll look out for others


    Hi Dave

    As per our chat in person, I believe this is a great idea. I’m currently abroad returning mid July so I’ll probably miss the first one but will be looking forward participating in the subsequent months.

    As a newbie myself, It looks like a great opportunity to gain a bit of mileage hanging out with experienced folk.

    See you soon

    Jenny Pummell


    I think this is a great idea Dave and will try to make the Sundays where I can. I can’t next weekend as I’m on a hen do but hopefully August I can be there.

    I would be up do going to crags a little further afield for the day, where we don’t usually go Thursdays.


    emma warne

    Hi Dave, magnificent idea. Personally that would work better for me than a Monday night but I appreciate everyone is different.

    I cannot do the July or August ones but I will definitely be there in September.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 6 total)
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