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    The Highlands continue to be trodden by York MC, (although not necessarily in Trip Reports).
    Mountaineering Scotland has today updated its guidance following the increased coronavirus restrictions introduced by the Scottish government a week ago (see below). It was of course announced on national news last week that Scottish law only allows a maximum of TWO households to meet outdoors. So unless you are on the hill with your partner, spouse, or manservant, these words effectively mean that you’re limited to a party of TWO.

    Mountaineering Scotland have confirmed that this is correct. (There is an exception for “organised groups” but the standard of organisation would be significantly more than is usually seen on our typical Munro-ing weekends.)


    Advice for groups and clubs – Mountaineering Scotland Update, 17th Sep 2020

    Following recent changes to the advice and guidance issued by the Scottish Government and the introduction of the rule of 6 restricting the numbers that can meet indoors and outdoors we can confirm this does apply to informal exercise including walking.

    The Scottish Government Guidance states:
    “You may meet outdoors with members of one other household, up to a maximum group size of 6, for informal exercise or activity.”

    Clubs may continue to organise activities for groups of up to 30 from multiple households if they follow the steps detailed in the Mountaineering Scotland guidance for clubs.

    If club members wish to head outdoors in Scotland in an informal way (i.e. not as a club meet) the ‘rule of 6’ people in a group from no more than 2 households will apply.

    For more information see the Scottish Government Phase 3 advice on sports, culture and leisure activities.

    Stephen Murray

    Unless of course,yourself and up to 30 chums want to bag a brace of grouse,then you can jolly well do as you please !


    I have just heard it said on BBC TV that in Scotland car sharing by people from different households is to be made illegal.

    So trips north this winter look like being OPOC. (one person one car). Which will not be easy. Needs to be checked out by anyone planning such, I guess.

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