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    Trying a positive thought; springing from the police report in today’s Press, and this morning’s WhatsApp comments about remaining local. I have a couple of local ideas, and can anyone please add to them.?

    Although York has neither a crag nor a mountain, there are points of outdoor interest. On plenty mountains “go uphill till you reach the top” is all the navigation you use. It can actually be trickier in lowland areas. So careful use of a local !:50,000 map to accurately pinpoint your position within 50 metres at all times, is no bad practice. Pacing and timing ????

    In recent times I have walked these:
    1. York Tilmire. From Fulford via Fordlands Road. Pleasant lane, seriously featureless Tilmire. Once a bombing raid diversion target. Return via golf course.
    2. West Campus. From Heslington. The landscaping round the lake is nicely matured nowadays.
    3. Heslington –Low Lane –Velodrome– East Campus. Low Lane very pleasant. The modern architecture of the East Campus is……err…. interesting. If you get up onto the “hill” between the Velodrome and Hull Road P&R you are standing on a glacial moraine (I was told). Here, the glacier melted, overlooking a large lake stretching across to Lincolnshire. Nowadays, apparently, if you look south-east, the next raised ground is in Denmark (ish).

    These are not renowned mountains. But “local” is not without its charms. Any more suggestions I could do please ?



    The path alongside the Foss from the Brigadier Gerard roundabout, heading North to Haxby is really nice but best saved for when the ground is hard. You could turn it into a loop by coming off at All Saints’ church in Earswick, cutting across to the path along the West side of the railway and then through Clifton to the YHA and alongside the Ouse back into town.

    The paths around Fulford golf course are really nice and mostly good underfoot. The bit between Heslington Common, where the groundskeepers have desperately tried to make it look Scottish with transplanted heather and gorse, and Tillmire SSSI is really nice in spring because it attracts lots of wildlife.

    Erin Outram

    I’ve been pulling together some local walks for my parents walking group and have found a couple of websites quite useful for inspiration:

    The Best Walks In And Around York, England


    I’m always looking for York ideas too – lots of time spent wandering aimlessly with a cranky newborn.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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