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    Jeremy Salmon

    Hello other YorkMC members out there!

    I’ve recently just moved to beautiful Harrogate. Then in these uncertain times found it very strange how quiet it was when I arrived! Looking at getting back into lead climbing and hillwalking more. Haven’t done much in the last 10 years due to young family reasons etc. I spent about 15 years teaching outdoor education around the world before that, SPSA & ML Summer etc. I understand the current social distancing measures but looking for another local climbing buddys. My work situation is I disappear for two weeks (North Sea oil rig) but then I’m back for two or four weeks so plenty of time on my hands for the outdoors. I also get COVID-19 tested going out to work and coming back from work. Getting a bit sick now of having sticks stuck up my nostrils!
    I have climbed at Almscliffe before, plus have plenty of my own ropes, harnesses lead rack…..

    Thanks Jeremy Salmon.

    Nick Outram

    Hi Jeremy,

    Welcome to the club, it’s usually much more social than it is at the moment! Hopefully the Covid situation will improve and we can start doing some more club activities.

    I’m playing it pretty safe at the moment so not really getting out other than with family (baby on the way so we are playing it ultra cautious). As soon as things improve / government adjust their risk number, I’ll stick something on here to get out for a climb or to the wall.

    Hope you are settling in to life in Harrogate.


    Steve Smith

    Hi Jeremy,

    Just thought i’d say hi and welcome.
    I’m actually in a very similar situation to yourself, Moved to Harrogate two years back, but family life and work very much got in the way, as well as getting settled into a new house. (And actually a new member on here really, this is actually my first post.)

    I’ve always loved the outdoors, and have done a fair amount of walking, but wanted to move into the mountaineering and climbing side of things more, and possibly some wild camping.
    I was hoping 2020 was going to be the year i got started, but sadly Covid19 has largely put a stop to things so far, and made it largely impossible to meet new people to grow potential experiences. I don’t know about you, but its made all the more frustrating knowing the Dales and the Lakes are so close to Harrogate, and the fact we had such amazing weather during lockdown.

    anyway, welcome to the site, and hopefully things will start moving again soon.

    All the best.


    Jeremy Salmon

    Hi Nick

    Thanks for your reply back. Yes getting settled into Harrogate now with my new place. Still finding my way about. Town and traffic seems to be getting a lot busier now! I’ve taken my kids to the climbing wall which was great fun for them. Yes let’s hope things improve in the future and we can all meet up in the club.


    Jeremy Salmon

    Hello Steve

    I actually bought the place just at the start of the pandemic but then they wouldn’t let me proceed with the sale due to the lock down. So I ended up in different Airbnb for key workers trying to homeschool my children. Very frustrating at the time. Anyway things do seem to be picking up now but still on the cautious side. Let’s hope we still get some good weather for the great outdoors and next year it’s a bit more promising.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 7 total)
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