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    Dave M

    Hi all,

    I recently received the attached email which may be of some use to club members. I have checked out the links and it is a bona-fide site.

    The subject matter is based around practical use of GPS devices and associated software and gives a very good idea of what modern GPS devices can do for you and how to enable them to do it. Very useful for those already in a state of confusion as well as anyone about to spend a load of Christmas money on a new GPS type toy. Coincidentally, in addition to the courses there is a shopping area on the website.

    Best regards, Dave M

    Free Ordnance Survey Route Planning Software for Members from GPS Training

    GPS Training <>
    24/11/21 14:05
    Dear York Mountaineering Club

    I hope you do not mind us contacting you,
    We hope that this might be of interest to your Climbing Group Members.

    We have put together some free to use Ordnance Survey Route Planning software on our Website and have also included some free to use training videos for the planning software which we hope would be of interest to your Members / Visitors.

    For a number of years we have been working hard to put together this free route planning software aimed for walkers & climbers, especially those wanting to plan routes to transfer onto GPS units / compatible GPS Watches.
    We have also incorporated the Naismith rule for Route time calculations.

    I am glad to say this is now live and I hope some of your members/ visitors may find this useful. It is completely free of charge and it will continue to be so in the future.

    Do you think it will be something your members/ visitors would be interested in?

    If you are able to also link to it from your website so your members/ visitors can continue to use it going forward that would be very much appreciated.

    You will find the free Ordnance Survey route planning software online here –

    If you have any questions or feedback please do get in touch and thanks in advance.


    Andy Ayre, Technical Support & Customer Training
    Shepherds Walks Ltd – Shepherds Walks, GPS Training and Capricorn Mohair Socks
    Muckles Yard
    Bridge Street
    NE65 7SG
    Tel: 01669 621044

    Shepherds Walks:
    Shepherds Walks Holidays:
    GPS Training:
    Capricorn Socks:

    This e-mail is intended solely for the addressee. It may contain private and confidential information. If you are not the intended addressee, please take no action based on it nor show a copy to anyone. Please reply to this e-mail to highlight the error. You should also be aware that all electronic mail from, to, or within Shepherds Walks may be the subject of a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and related legislation, and therefore may be required to be disclosed to third parties.

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