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    Thought it might be worth starting to share local wall experiences. So far I have only tested three and others may have been elsewhere so I thought a forum thread may be best to get other opinions and reviews.

    Red Goat operate a pre booking system that requires you to download the RGPro connect App. Its fairly simple and easy to use and also shows you how busy the wall is when you book. Numbers allowed to the wall are restricted to allow for distancing but it was still fairly busy last Friday evening, without being oppressive or overly packed.
    There is a sign noting that pad dividers are at 2m spacing to assist. On arrival you scan in and then out when you leave thereby helping with any trace and track needs. They have reconfigured the inside considerably, actually greatly for the better. The entrance area has a hand washing area with the storage areas relocated to where an underused campus board was previously in the main wall. The shop has gone giving more space and a new pizza kitchen is waiting to start work soon. In the main wall the central column and a small cave area have been sacrificed for space and additional seating. The routes are as good as ever and reassuringly clean and well maintained. Overall I actually prefer it to pre Covid and the owners admit that control of entry has helped the quality of the climbing experience and feel of the place. Oh and its liquid chalk only, which is fine and reduces the dust.

    Harrogate don’t operate a booking system but if you go at busy times you will queue and be restricted to a couple of hours. Go early or late in the day and you are likely to have the place to yourself. I have always liked this wall but it still suffers from a lack of regular cleaning of holds or route changes. There were quite a few routes that were there when I went pre covid ! The standard of route grading can also be a tad variable. Apart from signs there isn’t much to assist spacing. I think its liquid chalk only but most people were using normal chalk bags. In the round Harrogate just lacks some attention to detail and care.

    Rock City has its own on-line pre booking system that you have to use. When you arrive you get temperature checked. Inside the wall is clean and routes well marked and maintained. I always find the grades a bit stiff here, which means I should go more frequently really. But there is plenty of variety. They have closed off doors and marked routes through the complex bouldering area. It felt well organised and controlled, if a little soulless.

    Hope that is of interest. It would be good to know about the other walls eg Leeds, plus I gather that a new one is opening in Bradford.



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    Richard Harrison

    Great info for those wanting to go to walls John thanks.


    To add to John’s comments on Harrogate they’ve made the locker area part of a one-way system and have also taken out the benches to create more space in what was a pretty narrow passageway. Like Red Goat, you scan in and out for track and trace purposes. Unlike the Goat, chalk bags are allowed (for now). Last Friday lunchtime with all the doors and windows open it was absolutely freezing, so might be worthwhile bringing an extra layer til the heating gets switched on.

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