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    Maybe we could use this thread to keep each other informed of what we are doing. As Andrew says we should keep within the guidelines and use our judgement. He also says that rock climbing activities should be decided individually. I am in total agreement with these sentiments.
    For myself, I initially did not go climbing even when the BMC said it was OK.
    Recently, I have been to Peak Scar. There was no one there so as far as Covid was concerned I felt absolutely no worries- being out in York would have been far more dangerous as far as contracting or passing on the virus is concerned.
    It would be interesting and useful if other members could make the effort and post here about their position. Have you been out? If so, did you go to a hotspot and did it feel safe? Are you intending to go out soon? Are you going to keep suspending activities for the foreseeable future? etc etc

    I think this type of conversation is important to keep a sense of cohesion and friendliness alive within the club. We can’t meet on Thursdays at the moment so we should try to maintain contact at least virtually.

    I hope you are all well.



    Giles Cooper

    I was at Red Goat in York last night and it’s all pretty good.

    1. You must book in advance through their website and either pay online or when you arrive. Each booking is for a two-hour slot.
    2. hand gel on rnetry, only one person in the toilets at a time and only liquid chalk is allowed (£7 at Reception).
    3. They have reduced the number of problems by removing the central pillar but this does open up the room pretty well. There is enough range of problems (from entry-level to very cheeky) for all tastes. This has also given more storage space for personal effects.
    4. There is no one-way system and most people are maintaining a degree of distance.
    5. No requirement for face masks.
    6. Cafe is still open – brews and cakes in the main.
    7. Accessories still being sold – mugs, water bottles etc. The only t-shirts in are a size large.


    Giles Cooper

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve managed to get in some quite fun climbing and bouldering.
    The tips I’ve worked out are as follows:

    1. Check your ambition for the trip so that you don’t increase the risk unnecessarily. This is especially important if you’re visiting more remote sites where phone reception is poor/non-existent. I’ve taken a PLB and a meaty first-aid kit to some of the venues just in case.

    2. Go a bit slower than before to reduce the risk of falling (and thus needing help) and also allow time for some hand sanitising when needed.

    3. Take loads of hand sanitiser (!).

    4. Make use of the resources available. UKC, 27 Crags and Unknown Stones have all listed sites I’ve not climbed at so I’ve taken the opportunity and discovered some gems (some well-known, some less so).

    Places I’ve been to have included the following:

    5. Red Goat. Further to my other post this is now up and running.

    6. Buckstones Edge. Fantastic bouldering site with great views and pretty exposed to the wind! It’s just west of Huddersfield and the problems start 30m from the car park (where there is an ice cream van).

    7. Slipstones. Simply superb bouldering and climbing crag. No phone connection and a short walk-in. Wear trousers as you’ll be moving through bracken and heather.

    8. Gate House Crag. A great little bouldering venue. Again, no mobile reception, a 25-min walk in and trousers definitely needed. It’s on the Unknown Stones website.

    9. Woodhouse Scar. A great venue in Halifax which is 20mins from my home with roadside parking on top of the crag. Loads of bouldering and climbing – it is in a local park and you will be watched occasionally by passers-by. Some of whom have had the courtesy to comment on my (lack of) skill.

    10. Alsmcliff. No change. It’s still there and still great but it has been very busy the last two times I’ve been.

    11. Brimham Rocks. Once again, it’s still there and still great. Only been once and it was incredibly busy with visitors as opposed to climbers. This was the first Sunday after lockdown was lifted and very warm so only to be expected.



    Thanks Giles, that’s certainly the sort of helpful info which can assist the rest of us to make decisions.

    Slipstones has been regularly on the Thursday evening itinerary, but usually with ropes on the taller climbs at the west end. However to my recollection, further eastwards there are various short (3 – 4 metre) Mods, Diffs etc which provide solo fun (ie avoiding use of equipment)


    Giles Cooper

    I was at Almscliff yesterday which involved sitting in the car for an hour watching the rain fall on the crag! Thirty minutes after the rain stopped the crag was dry enough to climb on and managed to sneak in some fun routes and problems.

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