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    Firstly I don’t think I am virtue signalling by laying out a view, with details. Neither am I judging in expressing that view with advice on risk management. Also I refuse to be silent in the face of false facts. As of the 8 May 37,375 people have ACTUALLY died of COVID 19 – as in its on their death certificates as having been the cause of death. This separate from the excess deaths caused by the COVID which are double this time versus last year; especially in the elderly. These are facts, not opinions. The effectiveness of the lockdown – is also irrefutable although I do have views about the way it is managed. It is not comparable to driving or anything similar, it is unique.
    I am sorry if my opinions about the sport I value make some feel uncomfortable or are taken badly, personally or as petty virtue signalling or points scoring or whatever. That is clearly not the intent. I have no power over whether people climb or don’t but I hope my opinions have influence. And right now I would rather people practiced caution until the general situation changes. And if they can’t resist that they don’t take part as any form of Club event.
    We of course all remain friends, I even still remain friends with people who voted for Brexit šŸ˜‰


    John – I am very tempted to argue back because I like a good debate and I disagree with a lot of what you have said in your last post.
    However, I will stick with my previously stated intention not to contribute substantively to this thread any more.
    A few of us have had quite a lot to say and I would be happy to hear other views if people can get the energy to post. Who knows, they may help me to get off the fence on one side or the other.
    I hope everyone is well and in reasonable spirits. Things may be difficult for some members of the club but I think many of us should count our blessings that we are not having a hard time of it.
    Very much looking forward to meeting up with you when circumstances permit.


    Dave M

    Hi all. My personal intention is not to climb until there is a more tangible shift away from the wary mood of the vast majority of the general public. At the moment we may be able to do more activities than a week ago, however, anyone making an apparently unnecessary or flippant excursion into the public domain especially if it is associated with risk may be frowned upon by many who are justifiably terrified of being infected by this virus. I am missing the outdoors but am lucky to have lots of things to keep me busy at home, away from risk of spreading the virus. I only venture outside for substantially good reason and with sensible precautions to keep myself and everyone else as safe as possible, whether they voted to leave, remain or sat on the fence. Cheers, Dave M


    Just a brief note to say the Committee has adopted a common position to keep this thread up to date after yesterdays announcements.
    All activities remain subject to 2 metre social distancing of course. This implies travelling in separate cars. It also remains most desirable to respect the apprehensions of local residents in the areas we visit.

    The increase in meetings to six people means that small walking groups can be within these rules. The Committee think that not travelling too far is wise, and taking twice the ususal number. of cars to the Lake District would be inappropriate.

    The position on climbing has not changed. Sadly, the Committee think that a resumption of climbing would be premature. The simple reason is a feeling that to engage in repeated proximity and continual hand to hand exchange of equipment, which would be frowned upon in a park or garden, seems like “doing a Dominic” by any double standards. Whilst the “r” number remains high, we are all urged to follow the guidance carefully to minimise the risk of any more of them pesky Covids getting out of the box.


    Obviously Andrew’s post just refers to YMC meets eg on a Thursday night.
    Individuals can (if they wish) follow BMC guidelines and go climbing. If people do climb then they should do so in a “private” capacity and not imply that it is a club activity. Perhaps it would be best if they do not wear club T shirts.
    As I have said previously I no longer want to debate the rights and wrongs of the committee view vs the BMC. For what it is worth I haven’t been climbing and still remain on the fence on the matter.

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