Hay Stacks, Lake District

With the weekend coming up, there is only one way to spend it...... in the lakes!

With some last minute preparation, we managed to get six members up to the lakes for a day in the hills. The team included, Jen, Josh, Harry, Callum, Tamer (not yet a member) and myself.IMG_20191028_153125

We stayed at the YHA Borrowdale and set off to conquer a few wainwright's located around haystacks. Setting off from Honister slate mine, we made our way up the old tram tracks to reveal the snowy mountain tops of Pillar and Great Gable, these mountains weren't in our scope for the day but looked tempting with the first snow of the winter. We made our way up Grey Knotts and Brandeth, then onwards to Haystack where the terrain was rugged! The conditions were wet and slippery, I soon found myself hitting the deck whilist trying to navigate and walk at the same time. There's a reason we can't multi task...IMG_20191028_153151IMG_20191026_103006

Once across Haystacks we made our way back down towards Buttermere and back up Honister pass towards the cars. A good day was had by all.


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  1. Looks awesome!

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