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    Penny Zannikos

    Hi Jen and Jenny

    We talked about the Winter Weekend last night at the committee meeting and do want this weekend to become more inclusive than it has other years, but it has to have clear guidelines. The bottom line is that you need the right winter kit and need some skills to get involved in either winter climbing or mountaineering. You have to be responsible for yourself. There will, weather permitting, be groups that go to climb and others wanting to do higher ground mountaineering.

    Nathan also mentioned last night he would like to get involved but doesn’t have kit or skills. There is so much to do in the area such as lower ground walks, great trail running, mountain biking so if you are willing to come along, see whats happening and then choose the right activity for your skill set then perfect.

    Some of the best club trips have been when multiple activities take place and then everyone gets together in the evening for food and drinks. I would be happy on one of the days to get involved with either a trial run or low ground inclusive walk, also happy to be flexible, see what the weather is doing and make decisions nearer the time.

    Would be great to have a few more females getting involved.

    If anyone has more advice to give, preferably from our more experienced winter mountaineers that would be helpful too.

    Hope to see you soon.




    I’m definitely interested and will pay the fees along with YMC 2020 membership once I’ve found the right bank to rob; no seriously I can only pay up after 27 Jan on pay day so hopefully space still exists.
    Happy to extend the weekend either side of the 6/7 March subject to whether/ conditions
    Dave C


    Jen Brewin

    I’ve done some winter mountaineering before so I’m not completely inexperienced, although only previously with a guide. I also have mountaineering boots and am planning on buying ace and crampons.

    Even if that doesn’t qualify me, I’m keen to come and do lower level stuff.


    Penny Zannikos

    I thought with all your skiing you’d have winter skills :)

    I may finally be able to get your belay device back to you!!


    Hi everyone,

    I will try to come again for some Scottish winter fun, but I can not commit for now (changing job early March, not worrying about applying for a visa :p).

    I fully agree with Penny, it would be great to have different groups of people doing different things. With friends we organise a one week camp every summer in the alps, with 20ish people. Everyday there is a MTB, roadbike and a trail running group (changing everyday). The get together at the end of the day is then much better, you just need to make sure there is enough people in each group. I also agree that more women can only be a better thing.

    There are nice winter walks/run to do starting from Newtonmore, I remember running the three Munroes North on my first YMCSWWE on an incredible sunny day. We clearly do not need to all climb grade V, orienteering in atmospheric condition is already a challenge.

    I also wanted to remember everyone that there is the idea of an expedition in Kirgisistan next year, that is also meant to be inclusive with groups of people going for objectives of different difficulty. Scottish Winter weekend is probably a good preparation for that.


Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 26 total)

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