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    Penny Zannikos

    Thanks Pete, that looks good too! Definitely worth looking into.

    See you at York Banff if not before.



    Andrew Mirelman

    Hi Penny, thanks for organising this. I’m up for the York showing as well!

    I’ll try to wear a brand-name down jacket to prove I belong amongst the outdoor set:)



    I’d like 2 tickets for York, so it looks like we might be at 6 (or almost) for the York showing.



    Thanks Penny, I would love a ticket for the York event!
    Many thanks


    Penny Zannikos

    Dear All

    Thanks for all your comments and feed back. So far I have : Pete M, Andrew M, Caroline + 1 and Adam for York Banff.

    Anyone else interested? Also, anyone interested in Harrogate a week on Thursday 22nd Feb?? I will leave it till this weekend before I purchase tickets. Anyone I have listed or wanting to go if you can confirm how many tickets you want and to confirm your interest.

    Many thanks in advance.


Viewing 5 posts - 6 through 10 (of 35 total)

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