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    After going to the Cross Keys for about 5 or 6 weeks, it seems to me that the general consensus is that whilst it’s a nice enough pub to have a shandy with the missis, it hasn’t quite got the atmosphere that we miss at the Fox. What to do ??
    When this was first flagged up in the spring, there were very few replies or suggestions: maybe now is the time to re-consider the issue of a suitable YMC pub.

    The Fox itself is of course closed now. There does not appear to have been any work started on the building, and I have checked with York Council and there is no current planning application submitted (as at 20th August). So we don’t know what will become of the Fox:- will it re-open as a pub, or will it be demolished for flats ? The Press on 14th August reported that CAMRA are a bit anxious.
    So what alternatives would anyone like to suggest ? Is there parking, decent beer, and somewhere we can all sit together ? Have you peeped in to check it out ?
    I’m hoping that when this site goes live in the next week or so, we can exchange some ideas here.


    Hi Andrew, I heard a rumour at work today the the Fax is now open again! I’ve a works leaving do starting from there on Thursday so I’ll let you know if that atmosphere has been retained!!



    As several folk have already noticed, the Fox has re-opened. Let’s hope
    that the re-opening is upon sustainable terms, and not a case of the
    property owners having found an aspirational Tenant at an unrealistic rent
    (leading to a roller coaster existence).

    Anyway, I called in and had a word with the new landlord, who will be happy
    to receive us…….. then Steve & myself had a pint in the back room on
    Thursday night. The pub is pretty much as before, albeit the new Landlord
    is doing some fettling up here and there, and he has not yet renewed all
    the light fittings which had been stripped out.

    So although we remember the cautionary words of Edward Whymper, (“Do
    nothing in haste: look well to each step……”), I somehow think that
    with greatest respect to Stuart, this decision will now make itself.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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