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    Penny Zannikos

    Hi Antoine

    Great to hear from you! Glad you are still hoping to come along would be fab to catch up. Can Lucille make it too?

    Thanks for your input and hope to speak soon.


    Stephen Murray

    Thanks Penny ,great post.
    I have spoken to Newtonmore hostel this morning and there are 6 beds available for the 6th March.
    One,2 bed room and 1 four bed dorm.
    These are being held for a limited time only.
    Total cost for weekend is £40.00,payment into club account secures bed.
    Please let me know asap if you intend to come.
    Thanks steve.



    Great contributions from everyone so far and thanks to Steve for getting things sorted. I will be coming but as the last 2 years can sleep in the van and just use the “facilities” so PJ and I wont necessarily take up space if it is needed as its looking quite full. I always pay the owner the full amount as it isn’t much and he’s cool with that.
    Re experience etc I think PJ nails it nicely. There is potentially a good, balanced, group coming along now and I would say that some Winter Mountain walking and easier/intro options are very possible as well as more challenging options. The essential points being:
    1. You have the correct kit and clothes. Bought, borrowed or stolen. Happy to advise if anyone is unsure.
    2. You take responsibility for yourself and are honest about your fitness, experience and abilities.
    If you have no Winter experience at all and want to join in it would be useful for you to get into the Moors and Hills over the coming weeks – weather depending – to just have a go with and test your kit and clothing, revise navigation and so on. The BMC do a great video series that’s worth watching and there are articles on places like UKC. Happy to discuss and advise all the above with any member. Fingers crossed that Dave Carriers “feeling” about the weather coming good stays true. JJM

    Jenny Pummell

    Hi thanks everyone for the thoughts and advice. I’d still like to join you, can’t scare me! I’m happy to get out before if I can and anyone if planning anything.

    I’ll try figure out the payment now!


    Dave M

    I’ve paid up for the winter weekend. I’m happy to have a day of walking and a day of climbing. If the weather is as predicted by DC I can go early and/or stay later. Dave M

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 26 total)
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