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    YORKSHIRE DALES. I thought I should just pass on, that last night I was told by a resident that in some areas at least, a lot of the usual car parking places have been blocked off (eg concrete) to prevent unwelcome visitors.
    PEAK DISTRICT AND LAKE DISTRICT. I assume most Members have clocked the appeals on TV from tourist boards and residents to STAY AWAY from the Peaks and Lakes.

    More locally, it will be about consideration and respect, both as regards car parking and as regards the possible apprehensions of those country dwellers with whom we need to be on good terms in 2021 and 2022.

    I don’t pretend to any expertise; but as I hear the guidance, it’s stay 2 metres away from other bodies, don’t meet more than one person not in your household, and do not share equipment. (Golfers for example being told on BBC this morning not to share clubs).


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