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    Dear All,
    This is simply to confirm the obvious. York MC will not organise, or support, any group activities until further notice, in accordance with government guidelines.
    Mountaineers are almost by definition a healthy lot, good lungs being essential kit. However the guidance is, that it’s not about healthy people as individuals: a fit person might carry the bug with almost no symptome, but passing it on can lead to death for someone else at the end of the chain.

    Many years ago I was given a plastic kit to make a big 900 mm long model of the “Titanic”. Both practically and symbolically, I fear its time may now have come to make it up !!
    Happy gardening



    Thanks Andrew, as discussed by email, it would be foolish to fly in the face of the guidance and other actions that are being taken now. Individuals can of course make their own decisions and its nearly time for the outdoors when we can all take part on solo or very small group activities at much lower risk.
    To help put this in context for everyone,since Monday I have three clinicians in York alone now having to self isolate at home, I have just seen an email from a colleague in another large York practice with another three. I know for certain that my three have not been on contact with anyone with COVID 19 or travelled recently to a high risk area, one is at home under the family isolation guidance. Taking action to try and stem this virus protects the vulnerable and the workforce who care for the vulnerable. It is a great shame for the business’ that we support with our sport but I feel that it is up to Government action to give them assistance. Although I will be sending both Harrogate and Red Goat a personal message. Hope to see you all again soon, but not too soon and if so….stand two metres away ;-) Love, light and Peace as the great Spike Milligan would say.



    In line with government advice (and to save some of you wasted journeys), Harrogate Wall, Leeds wall and Red Goat have all taken the decision to temporarily close.
    Stay safe,



    i assume that most if not all Members will have received the BMC newsletter today. But in case its useful to anyone, there are some pointers in it about going walking in familiar areas (don’t assume any Mountain Rescue service is still operating) and keeping your distance whilst doing so.




    The latest Government instructions today (11 May) will take time to fully digest. Perhaps there will be further advice from the BMC soon.

    A couple of points have been made clear on the BBC TV this afternoon.

    WALKING. In Scotland and Wales separate legislation applies and in those countries the legal requirement remains to “stay home”.
    In England a person is now allowed to drive any distance in order to take exercise. However (a) social distance to be maintained and (b) no overnight trips. (Also, of course, it is probably wise to assume that MR services may still not be functional.). Possibly this points the way towards some hillwalking day walks; albeit people from separate households presumably ought to travel in separate cars.

    ROCK CLIMBING. I have not heard anything specific (pending anything from the BMC). However, to my mind, I cannot see how it is possible to climb without in due course handling the rope your partner has just run through her hands; and on popular crags someone else will handle all the holds. So IMO there are more issues of social distance for climbers and it will be a case of not letting enthuiasm outrun social responsibility.

    More to come, no doubt


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