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    Hey gang, there’s a few of us heading to brimham after work tomorrow if anyone wants to join! Think we are full in terms of car space I’m afraid, but could meet there! Looks like a sunny evening :)


    John Lockett

    Now my back is better I’ll try and come along, if I finish early enough. What time are you aiming to get there? Whereabouts at Brimham do you intend heading for?

    John L


    Radu Ilasi

    I would like to come along too but I don’t have any gear yet though except harness/shoes/helmet. I’ll be driving from Harrogate in case anyone needs a lift from around here.


    Hey guys, not leaving York till 6 so hopefully will arrive just before 7, although Elli and Niels may be there earlier! Aiming for the ones near the car park for trad and bouldering options :) see you there!


    John Lockett

    I’ll hopefully get there around 7 too. Meet around Cubic Block?
    Radu: you’ve got all the gear you need to come along, so come along!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 12 total)

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