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    Penny Zannikos

    Dear All

    Thank you to those whom attended the AGM last night, for those who didn’t, it has been agreed that going forward the subs will be increased to £30.00 PA. This is to ensure the longevity of the club and due to increases set by the BMC.

    For further information please refer to my email / forum post on 31st October prior to the AGM and to forewarn members (or see below for reference).

    Further to the increase, it has also been agreed by those that attended the AGM, that we will change our payment system and follow the same method used by the BMC. This basically means that the first half of the year £30 will be paid by members, after the end of June and from 1st July, anyone joining the club will pay 50% (£15) at whatever time they join and then at the start of the following year the full amount will be paid, £30. We are dropping the old system of ‘if you join in October you will in effect get 14 – 15 months’. The reason for this change is due to the club being out of pocket as it doesn’t fall in line with the BMC as we still have to pay a full 6 months for new members at whatever time they join.

    If you want a further explanation of this I am sure Phil Harrison our Treasurer or Andrew Eccles, Chairman can help – I apologise in advance if my explanation complicates what is very simple really 🙂

    Please do not forget to renew your subscriptions and if all members can do this before the end of January 2020 that would once again be very helpful of you – thank you in advance for this.

    Hope to see you all at the Christmas Party on 19th December.

    Best wishes
    Penny Zannikos

    Dear Members
    Prior to the upcoming AGM on 26th November, we felt it would be a good idea to share information regarding the club’s annual subs which need to be increased.

    Last year the BMC increased affiliation subs by 23% (from £12.41 to £15.33). We were recently notified of a further 32% increase to £20.25 which would leave York MC with just £1.75 per member to meet all our own running costs:- obviously unsustainable.

    The BMC insurance was subject to a claim made last year to the tune of £5,000,000 + and still ongoing. This has triggered an increased insurance premium reflected in the fees to affiliated clubs. They have drafted a document to outline the reasons. The summary below is extracted from the document and I have attached further reading (to the email) for those wishing to understand their processes and decision making.

    It is relevant to note, that the £5 million claim was made against AN AFFILIATED CLUB (ie like ourselves) and this underscores the need for York MC to remain affiliated and have the protection of the BMC insurance.

    In summary, the course of action set out in this paper is based on recognising:
    That current circumstances create a need for a step change in the cost of membership.
    That this is mainly a consequence of the insurance claim and its impact on premiums.
    The need to maintain an appropriate level of cash reserve to cover further premium.
    increases and budget shortfalls.
    The importance of delivering on commitments made in 2018 to the changes set out by the Organisational Review Group.

    The committee will recommend an increase to £30 PA. Given that for some, this may feel like ‘a jump’ from the current subs we wanted to outline the reasons behind this and why it is necessary for the longevity of the club going forward.

    We still feel as we are heading to 2020 that the annual subs of £30 is still considerably low in comparison to the cost of other clubs and gyms where often this amount and more is paid monthly – we hope you’ll understand and look forward to discussing this further at the AGM.

    Hope to see you all there.

    Kind regards
    Penny Zannikos

    Penny Zannikos

    Happy New Year to all if I haven’t had the chance to see you in person.

    Can I just send a reminder out to all members yet to re new their subs. If you could please make the payment before the end of January then it will help us ensure we are all covered by the BMC.

    Thanks for your message Dave C re subs and the Winter Weekend.

    To remind all the subs have increased now to £30 pa and still include all the benefits as per last year. We have some great trips and socials planned for 2020 so don’t miss out.

    See you all soon.


    Gavin Hopps

    Hi Penny I will only be able to pay subs at the end of the month, do to a snowboard holiday I’m going on.
    As soon as I’m payed I will pay it.
    Thank you Gav

    Penny Zannikos

    Hi Gavin

    That’s all good and thank you for letting me know. I think that’s the case with many of us.

    See you soon.


    Penny Zannikos


    Further to my recent posts chasing you all to renew your subs for 2020. Some of you have already renewed so thank you so much for that. Some have been in contact to say you will be paying at the end of the month, again thank you for this.

    Can I propose a meeting to collect new membership card at The Knavesmire 6th February, I will be there and hope many of you can make it too.

    This also works with the first Thursday of each month meeting as old at The Knavesmire so hoping some new members will come along too giving the chance to meet a good number of existing club members – should be a fun night so hope to see you there whether you can make climbing or not 🙂

    Have a nice weekend.


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