Under New Ownership

A day visit to Leeds Wall (now owned by “The Depot”) via back-country skiing shop in Otley, trying not to buy shiny new kit, by Mat, Antoine, Alabama and JJ. Definitely worth a visit to both places.

Ben Nevis

3 days ice climbing with Glenmore Lodge staying at the Cic hut.         Our first encounter was Mortons neuroma followed by jubilation and an abseil in the dark off an Abolokov belay.   A great view of Tower ridge     The first view of our chosen … Continue reading


Hallsfell Ridge on Blencathra was in full winter condition on the rocky section above 600 metres last Saturday. (17th Feb). Dolly, Steve M, Paul and I prayed hard for the mist to lift, but it didn’t. The narrow top of the ridge is an entertaining scramble with axe and crampons. … Continue reading