Adding your own Report

Leaving a comment


Anyone can leave a comment on a new-style Report (ie after July 2009).

At the top of the Report you are interested in, click on the link at the top right, which reads "0 comments",  "2 comments" etc. This will open a box where you can submit a comment after providing your name and email address.

Adding your own Report

If you are a Member of York MC you can add your own Report. A couple of paragraphs....... or a long script;  it's up to you.

1. The first thing is to register. If you go down the right hand side to the "Access" box and click "Register", you'll be able to submit your name and you get a password back. Once you have a password, go to "Access" again, and click "Log In".


2. When you have logged in, you will arrive at the "Dashboard" page for publishing Reports. To start your report, go to the top left and in the "Posts" box click "Add New".


3. The "Add New Post" page now appears and you can type in your report title at the top.


The text of your report goes in the box below. You can type the text into the box OR alternatively, if you have already written it on your word processor, you can edit/copy,  edit/paste. When you've done this, its a good idea to go to the "Publish" box at the top right, and click "Save Draft".

4. Below the "Publish" box, you'll find the "Post Tags" box. Tags are key words which help search engines identify your report. For example, the name of the route you've done. If you just use a few Tags, they will have more effect than using a great many.  Click inside the "Add new tags" box, then type a few key words, separated by commas, then click the "Add" button.

5. Go down again to the "Categories" box and tick the categories which apply to your report.

Inserting Pictures into your report.

6. A website needs small size JPEG pictures (for speedy viewing). Your camera might produce pictures on your computer of  1MB or 2MB. The first step is to reduce the file sizes of your pictures to under 100KB if possible. You may be able to do this with your computer / camera software.

Put the small-size pictures ready to use all together in a folder

7. Just underneath the title bar of your draft report, go to "Upload/Insert" and just left of this text, click on the square icon for "add an image". This goes to a simple dialogue box where you can browse to your computer folder, and select the small photos for uploading. Press "Save all changes"You will then see a Gallery list of all the photos you've uploaded.

8. Now return to your draft report by clicking outside the photos box. Use the Up/Down Left/Right keys to get the cursor to the place where you want to insert your first photo. Go to "Upload/Insert" again, and when the dialogue box opens click the "Gallery" tab at the top. Click "show" alongside the photo you want. You get another box where you can add a Title and a Caption. [Note: it is the "Caption" which will appear under the photo in your report, NOT the "Title" ]. So add captions, witty or otherwise.

9. Now click the buttons for alignment and size, and click "Insert into Post".  You can preview and save the draft, ["Publish" box, top right] and repeat this for each photo.

10. There are various buttons (more in the "Visual" mode) where you can fiddle with Bold paragraph headings, and choose coloured text and so on.  A handy blue square button takes the draft into full screen mode and back again:- it's maybe easier to edit the draft in full screen.

11 When you are finally happy, go to the top right of the Dashboard page and hit the blue "Publish" button.....

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